My Two Years Old Daughter Birthday Wishes


It has been two years ago
The day that GOD give ME YOU
I got a very precious gift indeed
Bless ME in these two years
And will be in many years

Days, weeks, months seem to pass so rapidly
For it seem as if only yesterday
Your little frame in My arms
Now I see YOU have grown up

Although YOU still two years old little girl
I have seen that YOU are very carring
I remember one day when it is rainning, YOU express Your carring to Mommy
It is raining, MOM must get wet
As well as when I am outside, YOU said to Mommy, Daddy must get wet because of rainning.

I also realize that YOU are very understanding
When IĀ and Mommy go to work, You are standing in front of door and saying good bye with smile
Although I know deep in Your heart You are sad
YOU are greeting US with a big smile when we are back from work

You are my source of inspiration and motivation
Today I take leave to celebrate OUR SPECIAL DAY
MOMMY and DADDY love YOU so Much

Happy Birthday , All the best for YOU
We are so glad that GOD give us a daughter like YOU


About Great Father to My Daughter

Along MY Journey I got interest things from newspapper, local magazine, campus, book and my observation. i will collect others opinion, add some of my oppinion or write my oppinion about something I believe it is interesting. I started MY JOURNEY in November 2010
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